iPad on laboratory table next to coffee and safety glasses displaying a custom digital interface for laboratory testing and key performance indicators designed by Apollo Scientific

Dynamic Digital Solutions For Laboratories

We design, develop, and implement powerful digital laboratory process solutions custom coded to help you revolutionize the way your lab does business.
Grow Profitability and Reduce Costs
we design solutions that save you significant amounts of time so you can dramatically reduce your cost per result
Produce Higher Quality Results
our solutions minimize or eliminate the risk of human error in your laboratory processes so you can be even more confident in the quality of your data
Increase Throughput at the Bench
improve your ability to handle dynamic workloads by substantially cutting down the amount of time it takes to process each of your samples
Deliver Faster Results to your Clients
impress your customers by putting out data faster than ever before with digital solutions that will considerably decrease your turn around times
“Converting data from our software into a usable format used to be frustrating and take us hours every day. With the solution you designed for us we can now do it in a matter of seconds!”
-Michelle B.
Laboratory Supervisor
“The tool Apollo built for us makes my day so much easier. I used to spend the first hour of every morning organizing my samples, now it's done before I finish buttoning up my lab coat.”
-Ronald N.
Lab Team Leader
“I don't even know how we used to function processing data the 'old way'. Using the scripts you wrote for us makes our work so much easier and enjoyable to do every single day!”
-Anna J.
Data Processing Analyst
“I wish we had worked with Apollo Scientific sooner. I spend so much more time doing the actual work in the lab that needs to be done instead of sitting in front of my screen clicking all day.”
-Adam M.
Lab Technician


We will help your laboratory implement technologies and processes that revolutionize your efficiency and put you at a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing and changing laboratory ecosystem. By taking a process optimized approach to the informatics solutions we provide, we will always ensure that the solution fits seamlessly into the framework of your lab's big picture objectives.


1. We start our process by scheduling a consultation with you either in person or via phone/video chat to define the project scope, learn about what challenge you are looking to overcome, and gain an understanding of your lab’s big picture objectives.


2. We then aim to gain a very solid understanding of the ins and outs of the current process in place. This includes learning about the process from you and your team and creating detailed process maps. From there, we look for opportunities to add value through digital optimization.


3. As we move into the development phase, we send detailed updates and demos to you so you can review progress and request modifications in real time. We build in as much automation to our process implementations as we can- this significantly reduces the risk of human error in your lab!


4. A smooth implementation is key to the modification of any processes in a regulated environment such as a lab, and we will be with you every step of the way ensuring it is as smooth as possible. Post-implementation we will be there to support and improve as the process evolves and grows.


We work with analytical,research, and quality assurance laboratories of all types helping them to integrate their physical and analytical processes with digital platforms to improve operational efficiency, more effectively manage data, increase profitability, and gain a competitive advantage.

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We've worked in a variety of labs for over a decade, and one of things that stood out most to us was that laboratories were severely underutilizing their digital resources. It didn’t matter how many programming professionals were employed or how much cashflow was invested, most labs weren’t taking full advantage of the potential that digital technology had to dramatically improve the efficiency of their workflows and significantly decrease their operating costs. Many of the challenges that laboratories say they struggle with can be overcome by utilizing technological resources they already have in place!

As a result, we decided to use our expertise to help laboratory operations leaders by developing and implementing simple yet powerfully capable digital process solutions to radically improve the way labs do business and interface with technology.


Custom Software Design and Development
We have been designing and developing custom software, websites, mobile applications, and automation scripts for more than twenty years. We are able to work in a multitude of development environments using a wide variety of coding languages and frameworks.
Analytical Laboratory Digital Application Development
We have been developing custom applications and scripts for analytical laboratories and processes for over twelve years. Our passion is in designing beautiful interfaces that make analyzing data enjoyable and intuitive, and we firmly believe that digital automation is a key factor in improving quality by reducing the risk of human error.
Laboratory Process Optimization and Continuous Improvement
Taking a laboratory process and making it more efficient can reap massive benefits to laboratories and their staff. Using proven continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma Value Stream Mapping, we work to ensure that lab processes reach their maximum potential.
Laboratory Quality Management Systems
From ISO 17025 to GMP, we have worked in a multitude of regulated laboratory environments, and always work with you to ensure your processes and digital technology meets the requirements of your individual regulatory framework. We design our platforms to make meeting regulatory requirements and record keeping easy and intuitive.


We'd love to hear all about your laboratory and work with you on optimizing your digital process, improving your efficiency, and increasing your throughput, productivity and profit! Send us a quick message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can to talk.