Designing an Incredibly Powerful ISO 17025 Compliant Record Keeping Platform


Our client was an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with a strong track record of producing excellent quality data at great value, and always on time. They had a fantastic operation, a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, and some excellent analytical processes in place. They mentioned to us that one of their biggest daily challenges was record keeping. Not that they didn’t keep good records, it was just that due to the regulated nature of their work, the record keeping itself was very cumbersome being a combination of spreadsheets, notebooks, and forms to fill out with almost every sample that was analyzed.


We needed to create a powerfully capable, yet highly intuitive interface where all of the client’s data could easily be recorded, stored, and retrieved. We started by getting a very good understanding of the lab’s record keeping requirements, and creating detailed process maps of their record keeping processes. Armed with this information, we were ready to create an invaluable tool for them to use.


Using our highly dynamic programming abilities and knowledge of laboratory record keeping practices, we were able to design and develop a phenomenally intuitive digital platform for our client to maintain their records with. This platform dealt entirely with the laboratory’s equipment verification records, standard and reagent preparation, chemical receiving, and sample traceability. We designed the application to be highly accessible from any device, from a desktop computer to a tablet to a mobile phone.


Due to the flexibility of our application, our client was able to further streamline their already highly efficient processes, and improve their productivity to levels they didn’t think were possible. Their biggest pain point became one of the best selling features, and they were able to get data out quicker, with better quality. As an added bonus, due to the powerful capabilities of the platform, meeting audit requirements for ISO 17025 accreditation became a breeze for our client- they could pull up whatever information they needed to provide auditors instantly at the touch of a fingertip.


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