Managing Director / Lead Developer

With over twelve years of experience in analytical laboratory operations combined with over twenty years of experience creating custom applications, scripts, and websites both in and out of the lab, Justin is a bona fide guru when it comes to laboratory informatics. Combined with his love of continuous improvement, he works tirelessly to ensure your improved laboratory processes yield incredible benefits.


Managing Director / Lead Designer

Tamlin has been designing intuitive interfaces on the web, in mobile applications, and for custom software for more than ten years. His passion is making interfaces highly intuitive and user friendly, while maintaining a powerful level of flexibility and capability. He also has extensive experience in Lean Six Sigma and Agile continuous improvement methodologies and leverages this knowledge to revolutionize laboratory processes.


Custom Software Design and Development
We have been designing and developing custom software, websites, mobile applications, and automation scripts for more than twenty years. We are able to work in a multitude of development environments using a wide variety of coding languages and frameworks.
Analytical Laboratory Digital Application Development
We have been developing custom applications and scripts for analytical laboratories and processes for over twelve years. Our passion is in designing beautiful interfaces that make analyzing data enjoyable and intuitive, and we firmly believe that digital automation is a key factor in improving quality by reducing the risk of human error.
Laboratory Process Optimization and Continuous Improvement
Taking a laboratory process and making it more efficient can reap massive benefits to laboratories and their staff. Using proven continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma Value Stream Mapping, we work to ensure that lab processes reach their maximum potential.
Laboratory Quality Management Systems
From ISO 17025 to GMP, we have worked in a multitude of regulated laboratory environments, and always work with you to ensure your processes and digital technology meets the requirements of your individual regulatory framework. We design our platforms to make meeting regulatory requirements and record keeping easy and intuitive.